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What you’ll get

Tuition at The WellSpring Private School includes all related costs to:

  • Instructional programming, curriculum, and classroom resources.
  • Library and health services
  • Counseling services
  • Learning support services

The book fee (billed separately) covers:

  • Digital learning platforms
  • Supplemental technology tools and resources.
  • Resources for Arabic and Islamic Classes.
  • Notebooks and additional educational textbooks.

Entry Requirements

New applicant fee (new students)
A non-refundable, non-deductible fee of AED 500
is required prior to the student entrance assessment
or interview.

Confirmation fee (new students)
A confirmation payment of AED 2,000 must be
made once the student satisfies the entrance requirements.
This fee will be deducted from the first installment
fee and will not be refunded unless the Finance
Department is notified in writing of the intention to
withdraw before 1 August.

Mid-year enrollment (new students)
The above payment structure does not apply. Tuition
is prorated as per the Ministry of Education guidelines
and payable in full by the next installment deadline.

Life Skills class and shadow teacher fee
Students requiring special needs support in the Life
Skills Program or shadow teachers will have an annual
fee, which is billed separately, to provide the required
staffing and support.

WellSpring Private School price to meet and learn from our teachers
2023–24 academic year

Tuition fees

All tuition fees and costs are quoted in AED.

Grade Annual fee Book fee
Pre-KG 17,000 N/A
KG 1 22,400 150
KG 2 28,000 250
Grade 1 30,000 400
Grade 2 30,000 900
Grade 3 30,000 900
Grade 4 32,000 1000
Grade 5 32,000 1000
Grade 6 38,250 1000
Grade 7 38,250 1250
Grade 8 39,150 1200
Grade 9 39,900 1300
Grade 10 40,150 500
Grade 11 41,000 1000
Grade 12 42,000 250
Enrollment processing fee (new students) 2,000
Enrollment processing fee (returning students) 2,000

Sibling discounts
Third child 15% discount on tuition fees
Fourth child 20% discount on tuition fees
Fifth+ child 25% discount on tuition fees

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Fees—the small print

Money matters

The above schedule covers tuition only. Excursions
(field trips), uniforms, school supplies, special
needs, shadow fees, textbook/resources, and bus
transportation is excluded and billed separately
as applicable.

‘Due by’ dates
Payments are due (must be finished) before the
dates indicated on the above schedule.
If the full-year tuition and fees are paid before
30 June by cash or dated cheque, a one-time
5% discount on tuition will be applied.
Failure to pay the indicated balance by the
dates listed will result in your student being placed
on financial suspension—not being allowed to submit
work, participate in after-school activities or go on
school excursions, and limited access to PowerSchool
or learning platforms.

Secondary students in grades 6–12 must provide their
own laptops according to school requirements. Required
curriculum and software will be installed by the school.

Official document requests
Parents who need official documents need to submit
the requested paperwork and relevant processing and/or
mailing fees.

Early withdrawal
Parents are required to inform the school in writing
at least one month prior to the date of leaving so that
the necessary documentation can be prepared.

WellSpring Private School price for taking our school bus to class
Serving the city


The bus service is subject to availability and if availed, charges will be billed on an annual basis. No adjustment nor refund will be made in the event of discontinuance.

Distance from school Price per year both ways
0 - 5 km 3,500
1 - 16 km 4,500
16 - 25 km 5,500
26 - 35 km 6,500

Payment methods
Payment can be made by cash, cheque, debit/credit card, bank transfer or through the Skiply mobile app.

Bank Details
Beneficiary: The WellSpring Private School LLC PPO
Bank name: RAK Bank
Account number: 0022359278001
Branch: Ras Al Khaimah
IBAN: AE350400000022359278001

If paying by bank transfer, direct deposit, or via Skiply, please email a transaction/deposit slip to with the student name, student code and grade so that the payment can be easily traced.

Bank charges should be shouldered by the parent/transferor and the school should receive the full correct payment.

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Dear Parents
Due to the summer holiday and giving our staff a well-deserved break, we are operating at reduced capacity. Please refer to our office hours below:

July 1st - 5th: 9am - 2pm (Friday 9am - 12pm)
July 8th - August 9th: 10am - 2pm (Friday 9am - 12pm)
August 12th - 23rd: 8am - 3:30pm (Friday 8am - 12pm)

All applications will still be received, however, please be patient with us. The first assessments will take place on August 14th, 2024.