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November 24, 2023

Dear Parents,

It was so wonderful celebrating National Day yesterday. This is one of the highlights of our school calendar, and yesterday was a huge success. Although National Day celebrations took a lot of planning and preparation, our students also went on field trips this week, had basketball games and a cross-country meet, and actively engaged in learning in the classroom.
Find out how you can help your child be an Upstander as we learn ways to prevent bullying in our school, especially during this Anti-Bullying Week.
You may have noticed that you did not receive the newsletter via email last week. From now on, you will be able to find the WellSpring weekly newsletter on Canvas (as an announcement) and on our website.
Please read the announcements carefully and be sure to diarize all the important upcoming dates.

Parent Survey

Please take a few minutes to fill out this important survey for parents. We are committed to the growth of your children and want a clearer picture of how best to serve the needs of our students and families.

Parent Survey

National Day celebration

The National Day celebration was great! A huge effort from many people made the day a massive success. A special thanks to all our parents who ensured this was a day worthy of such wonderful celebration. The food, décor, performances, Police band, beautiful horses, talented dogs and so much more made it a National Day to remember. We are grateful to celebrate the unification of the seven emirates and remember the legacy of the UAE’s founders, and their spirit that endures still today.

Bullying Awareness Week

November 18th - 24th is declared as the National Bullying Awareness and Prevention Week by the Ministry of Education in UAE.

Teach your child to be an UPSTANDER
An UPSTANDER is someone who stands up to a bully and stops bullying from happening. An upstander is an inclusive, caring, and welcoming friend who sees value in each person, and one who respects and protects others.
Here are some ways to encourage your child to be an upstander:

  • Encourage them to eat lunch with someone who is alone in their class.
  • Help them build empathy by asking questions like “How do you think he/she is feeling?”
  • Encourage them to look out for students who might be feeling sad in their class and ask them – “What’s wrong?” or “Can I help you in any way?”
  • Remind your child that they can, and should, tell their teacher if they witness or are concerned about any bullying or hurtful behaviour.
  • Practice anger management skills at home, so that they can learn to stay calm while interacting with peers.
  • Teach them to instead of attacking someone verbally or physically, rather walk away/calm down, and then calmly and respectfully discuss the situation using ‘I messages’ (I feel….when you….Please…) to find solutions together. Help them understand that bullying or alienating others is never a good solution.
  • Play games that involve your children to role play or act out scenarios. Include scenarios like, ‘Your friend is hurt, what can you do?’ or ‘Someone was mean to a classmate at school, what is your response?’
  • Be careful how your own political/religious/cultural views and concerns may reflect in your conversations to (or overheard by) your children. Your children follow your example. When you discuss these important matters, be sure to include views of respect and tolerance, as upheld as values by the UAE.

Remind your children,

“Goodness is a bright flame within you. Use it to light up the world.”

-Frank Sonnenberg


Cross Country

Yesterday a group of students went to the EISSA X-Country tournament in Sharjah. Six members of our cross-country team competed against at least 8 other schools from RAK, Sharjah and Ajman. Each race category had 20-30 runners from various schools with distances ranging from about 2-3km. Our team did well even with such small numbers. Tyler (Grade 4) placed 3rd and Leah (Grade 9) came 1st! The other members also did well. Well done team and also thank you to our coaches! #wellspringwolves

School Photo Orders

You can still place your child/children’s photo orders by returning the envelopes to school by Monday, November 27th.

High School Musical:

Peter Pan Jr.

We’re very excited for our High School musical taking place mid-January!
Come and support our musical students and be entertained by this musical classic.
Tickets will be available after the winter break.

Clubs and Athletics – End of term 1

We’ve had a wonderful first term of Co-Curricular activities.
Note that Clubs and the Running Club all finished this week.
Athletics (Basketball and Netball) will still meet next week for their last time this term.

Have a look at the highlights of the week here.

Have a wonderful weekend!

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