What makes us special

We strive to be a school that feels like home, a place of warmth and nurturing, a place where teachers care about their students, invest personal time in their care, and believe in each student’s ability to reach his or her full potential.

We also strive to encourage our students to take increasing levels of responsibility for their learning as they progress through the school. We strive to support students as they grow in self‐confidence and natural curiosity.

What makes us distinctive

Involved Parents

We believe that parent involvement through school visits and frequent communication provides the best possible outcomes

Great Teachers

We employ excellent, qualified teachers who teach well, mentor their students, and model what they teach in their own lives

Holistic Education

Education at WellSpring sharpens our students’ intellect, develops their character, and encourages them to be givers not takers

Special Needs

We have a heart for special needs children and work hard to integrate them into the WellSpring School program and ethos

Truly American

American owners, American administration, American teachers, American curriculum, and American system of instruction