Welcome to the WellSpring School website. We’re hoping your visit opens up a world of possibilities for the education of your children. The WellSpring School is a unique school with a teaching philosophy based on three key beliefs:

  • Intellectual development and character development are inseparable

  • Intellectual achievement in a moral vacuum produces students with strong minds but a weak spiritual core.

  • Character development without rigorous academics produces students with strong hearts but weak minds.

By blending head and heart together in the educational process, TWS seeks to produce dynamic individuals of truth and excellence who impact society and the world.

While focusing on heart (character development) and head (intellectual development) we also add a third component that we call hands (service). In a world where students are so often receivers and takers, we want to produce generations of students who give back to society through heartfelt service as servant leaders.


Dan Curry

TWS Principal

School Overview

The WellSpring School’s logo has a drop of water with a green leaf emerging from it.  This is purposeful. At WellSpring we view education as a life-bringing experience.  We see children as small plants that need to be nurtured and cultivated as they grow into large trees with deep roots.

We work hard to create an environment of caring and respect where bullying is not tolerated. Our hand-picked teachers love their students and invest in their lives.  They do everything possible to cause them to grow and blossom.

Some schools prefer a pressure packed academic setting where students have heavy loads of homework and exams. Children are seen as empty vessels into which teachers pour content until it overflows and then they keep pouring.

Not us. We lay a strong foundation of essential skills in language and mathematics and then we teach our students to use those skills to think critically as they solve problems and create new ideas. Our teachers do more than teach–they become facilitators and coaches, encouragers and mentors.

Expected Student Learning Outcomes

The following statements reflect the goals for student learning at the WellSpring School. We seek for our students to be the following:

  1. Lovers of truth who . . .

    • Articulate and defend their own worldview

    • Eagerly pursue learning as a continuing habit of life

    • Demonstrate a well-rounded proficiency in the academic disciplines, athletics, and the arts

    • Understand these disciplines as an interconnected whole

  1. Spiritual discerners who . . .

    • Understand the true meaning of life and articulate it well

    • Demonstrate inner character by applying truth to all pursuits and dealings

    • Accept themselves and others as created with intrinsic value

  1. Versatile thinkers who . . .

    • Think critically by analyzing, interpreting, and synthesizing information in order to make decisions and solve problems

    • Think creatively in order to independently produce original works with high standards

  1. Effective communicators who . . .

    • Articulate thoughts and ideas well in any oral or written form

    • Gather information through active, open listening, reading, and observing

    • Use available technologies to search for and communicate truth

  1. Mature interactors who . . .

    • Take responsibility for their actions

    • Seek to understand and interact effectively with all cultures, particularly Emirati

    • Set reasonable goals, take appropriate risks, and set personal boundaries

    • Proactively maintain all aspects of their health

  1. Societal influencers who . . .

    • Maintain a high level of global awareness

    • Proactively seek to impact other cultures in a contextually appropriate way

    • Take seriously their responsibility as caretakers of the world around them

    • Serve others around them graciously and proactively