Welcome to WellSpring Elementary – a place where the joy and rigor of learning intersect. Our dynamic community of teachers is committed to seeing students thrive as they become innovative thinkers, skillful communicators, and courageous leaders. Come see students learn to problem solve and think critically as they actively participate in the learning process. Listen in as both teachers and students ask questions, exploring and investigating together. Watch as young students learn to communicate skillfully in written, verbal, and aesthetic forms of expression. Stand amazed as students learn to make wise choices in leading themselves and practice leading peers.

Having worked in education for 35 years, I am passionate about seeing students become young men and women of character who love to learn and are able to lead others. I invite you to come join us on the journey and see your child grow and thrive.

Marilyn Lane
TWS Elementary Principal


Elementary children explore the world with wonder. Students learn as they read, move, explore, create, sing, and talk together about what they are doing. Our curriculum is rich and academically challenging. Literacy is a key foundation. Beginning with structured phonics program, students grow in their capacity to read complex text, write at length and depth, and explore pressing issues in the world around them. Through collaborative projects, use of technology, and increased independent learning, students become critical thinkers and skilled communicators in English language arts, mathematics, science, social studies, and Arabic. With a desire to develop well-rounded students of character, all students also receive specific instruction in art, music, and physical education twice a week.


Children are instructed in differentiated small groups in literacy-rich classrooms beginning with explicit systematic phonics instruction and then grow in their capacity to read complex text, write at length and depth, and explore pressing issues in the world around them to become successful independent readers.


Instruction focuses on the development of a solid understanding of the numeration system with ever increasing problem-solving skills based on real-world applications. Students are given the opportunity to use manipulatives and other tools, including digital applications, to investigate and demonstrate learning.


The classroom environment is developed to be a place of discovery for children, a place to instill wonder and curiosity about the world and how it works. Science learning begins and ends with the asking of questions. Students engage in the scientific method as they explore learning through hands-on projects, engaging activities, and guided experiments.


Technology is used to support, differentiate, and enrich learning. It does not replace hands-on discovery experiences with real-life materials.


Assessments are an important part of the learning process. Assessment is an ongoing process that is used to evaluate and measure student progress toward mastery of the curriculum.


A strong character education program focuses on helping children to develop soft skills which are essential for becoming globally-minded individuals who learn, love, and lead.

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