The elementary school curriculum uses teacher-directed study/ learning activities in character education, language arts, phonics, science, social studies,  Arabic, Math, Islamic studies, physical education, technology, art, and music. The child moves from concrete experiences to increasingly more complex levels of abstraction in critical thinking. Skills related to each area build upon previous learning and measurable performance objectives.

Islamic Studies and Arabic Social Studies

Classes in Islamic studies and Arabic social studies begin in Grade 1 with the option for Non-Muslim students to opt out if they choose.


Our music classes bring students together with the opportunity to learn and develop new skills through participatory music education.

Physical Education

The focus on physical education in the elementary grades is the development of large muscle skills and flexibility through play-based movement along with a beginning understanding of nutrition and fitness.

Use of Technology

Technology is introduced into our elementary classes through the use of tablets in activity centers and planned learning tasks. The school provides a robust wireless network throughout the building.


In art class students interact with basic materials and techniques giving them a foundation for the visual arts. Art allows students to uniquely express themselves, creating a foundation to become independent and creative.

English Language Learner Support

Our English language learners get the personal attention needed to progress in English fluency. The elementary ESL program supports non-native English speakers from Grade 2 to Grade 6 who are not yet academically fluent in English.

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