Our Curriculum

The WellSpring School has adopted the American Education Reaching Out (AERO) Standards and Benchmarks as the curricular foundation for the school.

WellSpring’s core subjects are Arabic, English, mathematics, social studies, and science.  In addition native Arabic-speaking students will take Islamic Studies and Arabic Social Studies (non-Muslim students may opt out). Non-core subjects for all students include art, music, and physical education.

The school will offer after-school activities such as dance, martial arts, book club, games club, girls’ club, running, volleyball, cooking, and more.

The WellSpring School

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US Standards and Benchmarks
Holistic Approach to Teaching
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Educational Standards


American Education Reaching Out

Curricular Materials

All curricular materials at WellSpring have been carefully selected to align with AERO Standards.

Early Childhood Program

The early childhood program provides initial learning experiences in language development, number concepts, creative skills, and social and physical development. Students receive the building blocks for perceiving, thinking, and problem solving through the use of concrete experiences. The educational experience provided at the WellSpring School is balanced and varied as the child’s world of awareness is extended from the home to the classroom.

Life Skills

Early childhood is a critical age to begin laying a foundation in fundamental life skills such as learning integrity, developing values, showing good moral character, thinking carefully, communicating and working well with others, and taking care of the world around us.

Nurturing Environment

The WellSpring School provides our youngest students with a warm, safe, and family-like environment. The nurturing environment of our early childhood classrooms is a perfect place to learn about life.

Play Based Activities

Play and physical development are important parts of our program. From the inside of our building to the outdoor classroom, it will be clear that our children are growing in a developmentally appropriate environment.

Creative Skills

Art, music, and movement are all incorporated into daily activities, helping early childhood students to learn through creative play and active discovery of their world.

Literacy Foundations

At the WellSpring School kindergarten students will learn to navigate their emotions and learn how to socialize with their friends. They will be exposed to stories, rhythm, songs, and rhymes to build a foundation of literacy skills.

Learning Experiences

The WellSpring School gives your child the chance to experience different styles of learning, with a strong American-based educational structure.

Elementary Program

The elementary school curriculum uses teacher-directed study/ learning activities in character education, language arts, phonics, science, social studies,  Arabic, Math, Islamic studies, physical education, technology, art, and music. The child moves from concrete experiences to increasingly more complex levels of abstraction in critical thinking. Skills related to each area build upon previous learning and measurable performance objectives.

Islamic Studies and Arabic Social Studies

Classes in Islamic studies and Arabic social studies begin in Grade 1 with the option for Non-Muslim students to opt out if they choose.

Use of Technology

Technology is introduced into our elementary classes through the use of tablets in activity centers and planned learning tasks. The school provides a robust wireless network throughout the building.


Our music classes bring students together with the opportunity to learn and develop new skills through participatory music education.


In art class students interact with basic materials and techniques giving them a foundation for the visual arts. Art allows students to uniquely express themselves, creating a foundation to become independent and creative.

Physical Education

The focus on physical education in the elementary grades is the development of large muscle skills and flexibility through play-based movement along with a beginning understanding of nutrition and fitness.

English Language Learner Support

Our English language learners get the personal attention needed to progress in English fluency. The elementary ESL program supports non-native English speakers from Grade 2 to Grade 6 who are not yet academically fluent in English.

Secondary Program

The WellSpring School will develop its secondary grades over the next six years, culminating in a full KG 1 to Grade 12 program. The secondary program at the WellSpring School will provide its students the opportunity to enter universities and colleges around the world. The emphasis of the secondary curriculum is on language arts, mathematics, Arabic, social studies, and science. Optional other courses may include Islamic studies, technology, art, music, and physical education.  Advanced Placement courses will be available in Grades 10-12.

Extra-Curricular Activities

After-school activities for secondary students help develop leadership skills, foster physical, social, and intellectual development, and improve the ability of students to work together to achieve goals. Activities may include sports, Model United Nations, and FRC Robotics.

Guidance and Counseling

In addition to college entrance counseling, guidance services are offered in a variety of other areas including academic counseling, parent and peer relationships, and study skills.

Service projects

WellSpring encourages all of our secondary students to participate in service projects in the school and community that prepare the way for leadership that seeks the welfare of others above one’s own welfare.

Academic Challenges

The needs of students with special needs or academic challenges are met through differentiated lessons and individualized tutoring. Low achieving students in mathematics and English are placed in foundations classes

College Entrance Preparation

The WellSpring School provides the following college entrance exams for student seeking college or university admission around the world:

  • PSAT® (Preliminary Scholastic Aptitude Test)
  • SAT® (Scholastic Aptitude Test)
Honors Classes

Honors classes in middle school and high school parallel the curriculum offered in the corresponding regular classes but cover additional topics. Also, Honors classes move at a faster pace and cover topics in greater depth.

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